Visit Rome

Rome is among the most fabulous tourist attractions anywhere, and the city that, for many reasons, is the most logical base for one-day adventures.

It is the political center and the center of Italy, the capital of a fascinating nation and the center of Christianity. Trying to see everything could become an exhausting marathon; Enjoy yourself by selecting with us the tours that catch your fancy.

First you will probably want to probe the main attractions of Rome itself. However intriguing the legend of Romulus and Remus may be, the evidence is that the Etruscan came to dominate a small kingdom, until they where overthrown by Latins and Sabines around 500 B.C. Soon a republic was formed that evolved into the Roman Empire.

Many of the monuments of that era can be found all over Rome. Remnants of two and a half thousand years of its long history are heaped on top of each other. It requires lots of imagination to re-create what it might have been, but this can be helped by enjoying the explanations of excellent certified guides. But there are many aspects of Rome to discover. After the Middle Ages and the return of the Papacy, a tremendous amount of new buildings enriched the city center, that delights us every day. This treasures are in the Renaissance and in the Baroque styles.

Actually it could take weeks to explore the heart of Rome and our walking tours are designed to cover nearly all of the highlights and provide a basis for further do-it-yourself visits or tho see the best places for your shopping.

The Vatican State is the smallest country not only within  Rome, but in the world, created in 1929, when the Pope was made its sovereign. There is far more in the Vatican Museums than can be seen in a day. That’s why we have our plan of attack that covers the best of it.

Across the Tiber there is another popular district of Rome, famous for its restaurants, the colorful Trastevere with its picturesque Tiber island.

We invite you to choose among our selection of Tours of Rome and from Rome to the main cities in italy…

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