Italian Food

Italian food is much more than Pizza, Spaghetti and ice-cream!



Simple and carefully selected ingredients are the heart of most typical Italian dishes, a mosaic  of flavors  skilfully blended together with the king of Italian cuisine, the olive oil.


Italians are known to take their meals very seriously. Lunch is the most important of the day, but a dinner with friends is always a party! A rich antipasto (literally before the meal) is inescapable: olives, mozzarella, Parmesan, Parma ham, bruschetta, fried and stuffed vegetables and so on,   according to the creativity of the host.

The main course is a pasta or a risotto prepared in an indefinite number of ways… each recipe requires a different shape of pasta…for example always serve a carbonara ( pasta with fresh eggs and guanciale, that is pig’s cheek ) with spaghetti al dente ( not cooked too much) and no other shape of pasta!

Meat and fish, also cooked in hundreds of ways according to the regional recipes, always come with potatoes or vegetables.

Do you think that this is enough? Each region has its own pasta, risotto, vegetables, meat and fish dishes, but also delicious unmissable desserts! You cannot say NO!

Easy Antipasto


Melon and Parma ham: serve it sliced and cut the rind but leave the slice on it. On its top put one slice of Parma ham

Easy Pasta


Pasta al Pomodoro: heat the garlic (and a chilly flake, if you like it), in a large pan with olive oil. When the garlic gives off its aroma you can add as many quartered small tomatoes as you like. Cook on a high flame until tomato begins to thicken. If you have not added chilly add some leaves of basil.

Stir fry the cooked pasta (al dente!) in the pan with the tomatoes. Serve it with parmesan… alongside please! Not everybody likes to mix the two flavours.

Easy vegetables


Peperonata: (serves 3 or 4) In a saucepan stir fry a small amount finely sliced onion with olive oil and add about 10 black finely chopped olives and three spoons of tomato puree. When the sauce is cooked add all together these chopped vegetables (about 1,5 cm): one green pepper and one yellow, one zucchini and one aubergine.
Cover and cook for 30/40 minutes on a low flame.

Easy meat


Veal Scaloppine: (thin slices of veal) with lemon: pound veal until flattered. Dredge the veal in flour and cook it over medium heat in a pan with butter until light golden brown (about 2 minutes each side) than add the juice of one lemon, salt and pepper and cook 2 more minutes until creamy.

The easiest dessert


affogato al caffé: a creamy ice cream with one cup or two of Italian espresso.

When you come to Rome take part to a cooking class with complimentary tour!

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