Rome in a Day

What to see with Only One Day in Rome?

With only one day to spend, I would recommend a Guided Tour, certainly a good way to cover a lot of ground in a short time…be sure to include a good typical restaurant! The day is long…
To optimize time you have to take a car between sights.


There are plenty of things to see in Rome, but the following are on tourists “must see” list:

Colosseum and Roman Forum     


The Colosseum is the most iconic symbol of Rome and Italy! Not to be missed, this sophisticated engineering feat, marveling as its survival over the centuries and horrifying for the the cruel fights between beasts and gladiators that took place here.
The Palatine, the legendary birthplace of Rome, is the place where the word “palace “has its origin. Here, in fact, there where ( and there still are ) the most beautiful emperor’s residences.
The Roman Forum was a valley between four of the seven hills of Rome, a meeting ground of the primitive tribes with the great destiny to evolve into the focal point of the entire Roman world. Only ruins? Not at all!

Vatican Museums Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica


These awe-inspiring Museums where created after centuries of research. The endless collections include marvelous work from every age and from every part of the globe. The Sistine Chapel still observe its functions. Solemn rites take place here, like the conclave for the election of the Popes, under the vaulted ceiling covered by the famous frescoes of Michelangelo. But it is not enough…the Basilica and the Square are so rich of masterpieces and so perfectly conceived that they belie  their true size until you realize how small people at the far end are!

Trevi Fountain


A special place, something unexpected, The Trevi Fountain is  a great baroque monument, not simply a fountain but a white marble masterpiece ! Remember to toss a coin over your left Shoulder to ensure your return to Rome!

The Pantheon


This is the scene: tourists sitting under the renaissance fountain of its square, eating an ice cream and staring at the most extraordinary, massive structure of the antiquity. The Pantheon stands here since 125 A.D. with its astonishing dome and an only opening on its top…and when it rains?…

Spanish Steps


Built by the French to reach their Church on top of the hill, The “Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti” ( the name of the Church ) was never called Spanish Steps by Italians. It is a spectacular meeting point for Romans and tourists surrounded by numerous fashion shops.

Navona Square


The most popular Square, Piazza Navona, still preserves the outline of the 1st century  Domitian’s Stadium.
Sitting at one of the outdoor cafés or restaurant s one can admire in its center the glorious Bernini’s Fountain of the Four Rivers, anthropologically depicted to represent the four corners of the earth.

“Some people actually “do” Rome in a day. Crazy as that sounds, if all you have is a day, it’s one of the most exciting days Europe has to offer. Start at 8:30 at the Colosseum. Then explore the Forum, hike over Capitoline Hill, and cap your “Caesar Shuffle” with a visit to the Pantheon. After a quick lunch, taxi to the Vatican Museums (the lines usually die down mid-afternoon, or you can reserve a visit online in advance). See the Vatican Museums, then St. Peter’s Basilica. ” Thank you Rick Steves and Gene Openshaw for telling this to the world!!! Yes this is their quotation, but actually it is possible do do something more…
Please have a look to the most complete Rome in a Day Tour 


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