Caravaggio for free: three marvelous churches in Rome where you can admire his masterpieces

Rome is the most privileged city in Italy, where the genius Caravaggio created many masterpieces. In Rome there are many museums and collections with Caravaggio’s works but also three among  roman’s most important churches where you can admire 9 masterpieces of Caravaggio. Below the list of the churches..not to be missed!

Santa Maria del Popolo. Caravaggio: the famous  Conversion of St. Paul and the extraordinary Crucifixion of Saint Peter. Church: conceived by Valadier, it is the  most important of the churches facing the homonymuos fantastic Square, thanks to a myriad of masterpieces by Bernini, Bramante, Raggi, Pinturicchio, Raphael…

Crucifixion of St. Peter

Basilica di Sant’ Agostino. Caravaggio: the Madonna of Loreto or Madonna of Pilgrims, depicted like a woman of the people. Church: a real unknown jewel that houses works by Raphael, Guercino, Bernini and others.

Madonna of Pilgrims

San Luigi dei FrancesiCaravaggio: triptych dedicated to Saint Matthew, very important for the perspective and the great realism. Church: richly decorated by the French Derizet, it will impress you with its gold, its natural light, statues, stucco and marble.

The martyrdom of St. Matthew

If you like, book a guided Tour with our acknowledged guide for a full immersion in his visionary painting style, testifying his spirituality and his realism, and follow us in a fascinating driving itinerary, exploring at the same time famous squares like Piazza del Popolo and unknown corners of the eternal city like characteristic streets and squares and important Palaces.

Other works of the Master are displayed inside the Borghese Gallery


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