Vatican Museums Visit: what you need to know

If you want to organize your tour to the Vatican Museums note that:

1. The line you are expecting to do is much longer than you imagine. Around the corner another long city wall is waiting for your sigh…the crowd seams unbeatable!

  1. There is far more here than can possibly be seen in a day, so a plan of attack is essential, but it is really hard to select which treasures interest you the most.
  2. Do not organize the Vatican Museums Visit on Sunday. Only on the last Sunday of each month it is open and the ticket is free of charge, but lines might frighten you!

  3. Metal detector queue is not so terrible…

  4. Everything is well organized: different routes are suggested but you do not have to follow them.

  5. Photography is permitted as long as you don’t use flash or a tripod and except inside the Sistine Chapel.

  6. Big backpacks or bags are not allowed.

  7. The Sistine Chapel is a sacred place where you must cover knees and shoulders. You will not be admitted if either is exposed! NEVER!

Maybe useless to underline but an expert guide can help you optimize your time and an agency can help with skip the line tickets at the Vatican Museums.

Not to be missed in the Vatican Museums

canova perseo vaticano

The Octagonal Court in the Pio Clementine Museum a collection of Ancient Greeck and Roman sculpture, where Canova “Perseo” (above) deserves its place.

vaticano stanze raffaello

The incredible Raphael Rooms, four decorated rooms, which where once the official residence of the Popes.

cappella sistina

The Magnificent Sistine Chapel with the supreme masterpieces of Michelangelo: the ceiling and the Last Judgment.

Caravaggio vaticano deposizione

The Pinacoteca, a marvelous picture Gallery with works by Giotto, Raphael, Leonardo, Caravaggio (his “deposition from the cross” above) and may other.

Enjoy your Vatican Museums Tour!


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